Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Time to Update Your Video Editing Software?

If your new camcorder is giving your old video editing software fits it just might be time to upgrade.

The Clues:
  • You spend more time trying to get the video into your video editing software than you spend in editing the video.
  • The video format of your new camcorder is not supported by your old version of the program.
  • The software keeps crashing, locking up, freezes and then tries again to process your work.
Yep, it might be time to look into an upgrade or a new package. Now if what works for you is good don't fool with it.

Gretchen Siegchrist at has good information about buying software. It is what I would tell you, try before you buy.

But for me it is time. I am willing spending cash money for a solution. I'm being courted to upgrade to the newest version of various editing applications.

At this time Corel VideoStudio Pro X3 is saving my behind with that dang pesky .MTS video files. It does take .MTS video in without any fuss. My problem is that I never really liked the user interface and sometimes what I want to do has to be modified by what I can do in the program.

Like making L-Cuts, crossfades on my terms and fine tuned tweaking. I use another program called Serif Movie Plus X3 but it really can't handle .MTS files and there are export limitations on the size of the exported video. Hence my conversion work flow that isn't working.

I'm backed up to Brooklyn.

The file size thing, I hate uploading 100+MBs of video on my DSL - takes forever. No fooling 54.1k upload speed.

In South Korea they have 1GB Internet service. Keep this in mind as members of Congress fight against a national broadband service. I have a need for speed!

The new version Corel VideoStudio Pro X4 is promising some tasty goodies:
  • Stop Motion Animation – create your own animated movie starring people, toys or objects
  • Time-Lapse Effect – easily and quickly create time-lapse sequences from photos or videos
  • Advanced editing – have fun making movies with quick access to professional editing tools
  • Export in 3D – turn your 2D video into a 3D movie
  • Easy HD sharing – author and burn HD movies directly to DVD and Blu-ray Disc™
The 3D thing - naw, not me. I'm having enough trouble in 2 dimensions; what do I want to start pulling hairs on the third. Until there is a unified standard where count me out.

The other things I'd like to play with but I really need is an application that allows me to work the way I want. I can download a trial version and I might do that if it doesn't wonk up my current settings.

Serif has a new version - MoviePlusX5 and I did buy the upgrade at a reduced price. Hasn't arrived yet cuz they kicked in a green screen and they ran out of green screens to ship. Such is life.

I bought it because it now accepts AHCVD videos and I hope to heaven that means .MTS , AVC and the other hateful permutations of HD video formats.

Truth is, I'm still looking for that perfect for me video editing program. If I could combine Corel and Serif into a master package it would be perfect.

No, Final Cut Pro is not an option. I'm on a PC and I don't have $999+ to spend on software.

I'll look around at the other contenders but I really should be saving some cash to upgrade to a 2 terabyte drive. I'm maxed out.

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