Friday, March 25, 2011

Think Before You Install LightworksBeta

This software is not for folks that think that Windows Live Movie Maker is too complicated. As many of us learned from Adam Dachis at Lifehacker there is a new free professional video editing software called LightworksBeta.

Let me stress the word professional. Actually the program isn't new: it has been used by video and movie professionals for years.

Lightworks Beta Software
This version is being ported to Windows and soon to Linux users. Here is the thing, it is in BETA, as in not fully ready for functional prime time use.

I'm not saying the software doesn't work. I'm saying if there is a problem you will have to figure out if is it you or the software. This means if you so choose to use LightworksBeta you just signed on to be a software bug catcher. Or the software bugs catch you and your system and wreck the joint.

It could be the software. Or it could be you do not understand timecode, creating a project with rooms, bins or a cue panel. For some folks this will be a learning curve. Upward and beneficial but it will be an adjustment.

You will also have to make the time to read the Lightworks forums to find out if there is a work around or a patch coming to fix the problem.

If you have experience with other video editing programs that will help but this software follows the rules and processes used by professional editors. If this software resonates with you march on and download that bad boy.

Before you install the program you must, and I know this violates the basic premise of certain nerds and geeks, read the user guide and manual to see if you are comfortable with the concepts.

This could be a great option for folks but I gotta hold up the ding, ding caution sign so you know before you go do something that you will your crying tears of regret later.

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