Sunday, March 20, 2011

Five More Thoughts About Using Tripods

Yes, you should use a tripod if your are recording in certain types of event situation or you are using optical zoom or a telephoto lens. There are other matters that we as camcorder users should keep in mind.
1. Be considerate. If you plan on using a tripod make sure that you are not blocking paths of entrances or exits. Make sure there is enough space for people to walk around you.

2. Be respectful. You as the camcorder owner need to be hyper away about blocking other audience members line of sight. If you have decent optical zoom on your camcorder you can sit in the back row. If you have a big honking tripod you need to be in the back row or long the back wall.

If you don't have optical zoom (and you should not use digital zoom for any reason) and have to sit in the first three rows then the camcorder and tripod should exist on your lap and within your body zone.

3. You might want to put a dark sock over the LCD so that it is not glaring in the face of the person siting behind you.

4. Check with the event to make sure that you will be allowed to bring a tripod into the facility. School sporting and performance events should be fine.

4a Unless the school sporting and performances events are known to have parents acting the fool; in which case leave the tripod home. It is not meant to be used as a weapon. Then again, video of parents misbehaving at school events could be valuable to the local news station. Your call.

5. Professional sporting and performances are generally not ok to record. That information can be found on written on the ticket, receipt of payment or web site. Know before you go can save you a long walk to the parking lot.

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