Monday, March 7, 2011

Howard Munson on Older Cheap Cameras

Margaret Fabrizio is an artist and videoblogger. This is a short interview clip on photographer Howard Munson on why he prefers traditional analog still cameras.

Margaret's YouTube channel has personal narrative, examples of her quilting project and explorations of words and life.

The reason I wanted to make sure this video gets around the bend is that sometimes we are locked into having the best or quality equipment. If you are willing to work with the limitation a very basic camera or camcorder can make magic.

This is not an excuse to go buy a $30 digital camcorder. But if one shows up at the thrift store for $5 yeah, go for it and experiment.

Try the things that you will not attempt with a $150 point and share camcorder. You never know what new paths you might find.

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