Thursday, March 3, 2011

Push Button Video Creation with Muvee Software

Me? I don't really care how you do it so long as you do it. I like the process of video editing but I know there are folks that truly just want to quickly put a video project together. They don't want to know about codecs, frame rates and white balance.

I've written before about Muvee Reveal which helps casual users to create movies from photos and video. The program really locks down what you can and can't do but you will have something to display in a very short time.

Muvee has other products of interest. I thought I'd share a look at the video and the software.

Muvee Pixie is designed for Netbooks and possibly by extension table computers. So if you have to need to create and you are on a Netbook this could work out. The program helps you assemble photos, videos, titles layouts and captions to make a movie in a short amount of time. Think of it like shake and bake video making.

If you camcorder records in QuickTime .MOV, or H.264 MP4 at $29 this could be a keeper.

Muvee AutoProducer 6 has a little more power under the hood. It does things similar to Pixie but you get more style layouts, the ability to add a voice over and the ability to preview before making the video. What it doesn't do is render high definition videos.

This is not necessarily a deal breaker. Do you really need high def in all video situations? Widescreen sure, but high definition viewing on a phone or over a Wi-Fi network that is not your own? Which you should not do but still, think of the bandwidth.

If you don't own a HD camcorder but you want something easy to use $59 then this software might be your answer. If your camcorder records in QuickTime .MOV, MPEG2, MP4 or .AVI you can make magic.

If you need more options then you can check the tutorial by Pete about Muvee Reveal.

Disclaimer. I have used an early version of Muvee AutoProducer that came with my computer. I have nothing to do with the company; I'm not even a customer. This is presented as an video editing/composing option to those folks that just want to get it done.

This company has been in business for a long time. To my knowledge they are not pushing spyware. The products do what they are designed to do, help novice users create videos quickly.

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