Monday, April 25, 2011

Applying What I've Learned About Shooting and Editing

The spontaneous video recording without a tripod. Something was wrong. It didn't have any juice. The week before I was beating myself up. Having read stuff at Edit Foundry and by still photographers about how to create a story narrative the same way that you do in writing really helped.

You can't make an average video great but just having different options can make it better.

This Is What I Did

Used the drum track as the foundation for the visual. I separated away from the attached video.

Searched for any close up shots that would help the viewer understand that this was an all ages event. I found some shots of hands and young children trying to drum.

There was a sign that said that if you enter the street festival you give permission for recording. In addition, I was on a public street so I felt ok recording folks

I normally don't record children. I think kids make the best video subjects but I have a concern about the creep of the week watching. This was a little different in that the parents were there and at most the little ones were on screen for no more than a few seconds.

What I Could Have Done Better

Take my time. I had plenty of it. I should have looked instead of just seeing.

  • There was a man in back of the drummers moving and patting his thigh.
  • There was an older gentleman who looked like he wanted in but just couldn't.
  • There were moms trying to get their little ones to understand it was ok to bang and make noise.
There were stories all over the place but I got lost in the drumming.

So yes, next time out I'm gonna recite the five shots. It won't work for all videos but dang if it didn't help.

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