Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Craft of the Edit - Edit Foundry

The new Final Cut Pro is out. Folks are all shook up. New design, features, user interface and a serious price drop from Apple. That is a shocker cuz Apple is not known for affordable anything.

Professional editors have concerns that the software has been dumb down to the teaming masses. They have made huge investments in time, education and money to stay competitive and viable.

The teaming masses are ecstatic because at $299 this can allow anybody to use a professional grade product to edit videos and films. This means that talent people who didn't have a grand to bust out on software can step closer to making their projects happen. A gatekeeper has been removed.

The truth lies in the skill and capabilities of those that will use the software. Which brings me to Edit Foundry. You can have great looking video but unless you do a little tweaking it might be hard for folks to watch.

Shawn Montano seems to be the person behind the scenes. The site is a resource on how to craft a story via the edit. The site seems primarily for journalists, photojournalists or those that have to product quality video quickly.

The post on Subtle Editing Techniques is really more about paying attention to event and getting the shots you need instead of recording the event and trying to find something that you can use.

Not only does Shawn talk the talk he demonstrates his techniques via the Edit Foundry YouTube channel. Demonstrate as in you see the completed video showing a variety of techniques from the site.

This is a short video on really small motorcycles.

There is some serious thinking happening in this neck of the woods. So to the pros, pro-ams and newbies I'd say don't worry. If you have the skills to understand how to compose and tell a story then you have nothing to worry about.

If you are just a keyboard jockey for hire then I'd spend some time ingesting the totality of Edit Foundry. If you are a wannabe creator then you really need to do serious reading at the site.

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