Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Jennifer Pearson's Tutorial - Resource Blogging

There are all kinds of reasons to create resource web videos. Photographer Jennifer Pearson has a blog called The Dedicated Photographer. Jennifer is a photographer who is using her site to promote her business experience to photographers.

In this video she is demonstrating a Photoshop technique to help photographers make a visual example of how the photos would look in certain areas of the client's home.

There is a couple of things happening here:
  • Jennifer is providing a tutorial for her blog visitors
  • Cultivating future clients for her mentor, photo workshops and tutorial services
  • Giving back to the community who will spread the word that their is this business photography blog that you might want to check out.
Every one is chirping about making money on the Internet. There is no magic formula or quick snatch and grab.

One of the way that has worked for a lot of people is to build a credible space with information that people value. Let it be known that you are out there and folks who are interested will stop by.

There is another word for this concept; Freemium. These are a few examples of how the Freemium concept is applied:
Most of us can't follow the prior mantra of "sell, sell, and don't let them leave until you make the sale." For many bloggers the product is intangible. For the right products and services this could be an helpful approach. Or not.

I do know that web video plays a role.

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