Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Kip Kay DIY and More Videos - Resource Blogging

I first saw Kip Kay's videos on Instructables, which is a major DIY site for those that like to re-purpose just about anything.

Kip's videos are always cool and if you have the skills you can replicate whatever he puts before you. Well, almost anything. Some things should be left alone, like the laser sling shot. This is an example of his style, changing a web cam into a telescope:

He is a crafty dude with a mischievous sense of humor. There are other videos he has about how to create prank items. I would suggest that he might not be the guy to be standing around on April Fools day.

Let's see, he has a major presence on his YouTube channel and his own web site at He also has an archive of work over at's blog.

Can you profit from giving it away? I think Kip is doing just fine with 10 million plus viewers.
  • There are ads in the videos.
  • I did not know that you could rent sections of your YouTube Channel Box but folks are paying to be posted in his channel area.
  • There are ads on his web site.
  • He is selling some of the parts used in his videos to allow his users to replicate what he is doing.
There are some things to know about Kip, he really is a do it yourself-er but according to his FAQ on his site he does have a degree in journalism. He knows how to present information. He does not have a degree in engineering.

He is a really good tinkerer.

This is a great example of going with your passion and letting it carry you forward. This is also someone who knows how to communicate with his audience and inspires them to do something with what they have around the house.

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