Thursday, April 7, 2011

Quick Look At Machete Video Editor

There are times when you just need a snip or a trim on the side. Machete from is more of a video trimmer than a full blown editing program. This is not a bad thing; if all you need is to remove a flub or deadwood from your video this could be the one for you.

Machete Video Editor works on Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7.

Machetete Video Editor
For example, let's say you are doing interviews or you are recording an event. You just want to clear out the junk and upload. Or you might have several videos of the same event you want to join but you don't need to add titles or transitions.

Those of you on the notebook persuasion might also be interested in a small functional video editing software. If that is the case then this might be the software for you.

Machete comes in a free version that can only import and export .wmv and .avi video formats. You can't replace audio and there are other limitations.

The paid version can import .avi, .flv, .mp3, mp4 (but you will have to ask if that include h.264 mp4 or AVC/AVCHD mp4 videos) .wav and .wma file formats.

There is just one concern I do need to bring up. You do have to have the correct codec for your video or video file type on your computer. You probably have what you need to get started but with the variations in .avi now romping around like DivX, Xdiv and standard .avi you might not be able to play or edit certain types of video.

Machete does not install codecs on your system - that is a good thing. What they have done is provide a codec information page and links to the official source for certain codecs. Again, you might not need to do this but just in case.

In any event, be very careful about downloading codecs from unauthorized sources, this means the first 5000 links you might see on Google.

If you are comfortable with this type of basic functions and you understand about what this software can do for you then it might be a good reason to spend $20.

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