Friday, May 6, 2011

Brian Taylor and The Intermediate Rail Trick

I'm starting to explore Facebook for folks and web video resources and came across Brian Taylor. I don't know anything about the gentleman. So I'm looking at his wall and I see a video about The Intermediate Rail Trick.

I am curious always so I go take a look:

Somehow I'm introduced to a dance form I didn't know about. That you can take lessons in that style. That Brian probably serves that specific community.

Still checking stuff out and I find this intro to his show:


So what do I know?

That there are ever evolving dance and performance styles I don't know about but there is a community that is being communicated to by video.

That independent video makers continue to rock and transform what we know about production outside of the establish media.

And I'm never going to be able to do that trick but I like that somebody can and does.

It also speaks to breaking out of our walled communities and check out what folks are doing. I didn't know Brian existed until I took a chance and checked out his videos.

Until there is an effective method for searching for videos, and there isn't, then we all have to find out our own ways of going over the wall.

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