Friday, May 20, 2011

CBC Interview with Jason Scott on Online Video and Digital Heritage

You would think that on-line video was a new thing. Historically, yes web view is the new kid on the bloc but people have been posting video for years; even in the days of 56k modems. It was a lot of work and effort but it did happen.

CBC Spark Interview with Jason ScottThere is a lot of video content that has been lost do to mergers, shut down of web sites like GeoCities or a corporate decision to close down a site like Google Video. Before Google bought YouTube they had Google Video.

You could find stuff but it wasn't easy. Original content was there but so was a bunch of unauthorized copyrighted work, video spam and goodness knows what. There was no caretaker. In the early days there was no easy way to filter the content to find the good stuff. You had to plow through the muck. There was a lot of muck.

I drift. This is an audio interview with Jason Scott about archiving our video content. Beyond corporate television there are narratives that have gone poof.

There was gold in those 320x240 videos. They are work seeing and saving. How do we do that?

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