Thursday, May 19, 2011

Quick Look At Creative Vado Camcorder's Help Page

I keep my eye on the Creative's Vado line of camcorders. One of my problems is that there is no local retailer that consistently has the product. I like to touch before I buy and if I can't do that then I tend to let it slide.

Anyway, the Creative Vado line is an option for those who want a Flip style camcorder. I'd shop around to price compare but it has attractions. The point of this quick post is to hip folks to the Vado How-To page.

Creative Vado Tutorial Page
If you don't want to read about the camcorder specs, and you should, then another way to learn about the features of a product is to check out the tutorial section.

Apparently there is built-in software that allows you to extract photo from videos, an editing function and it seems to be compatible with the MacOS.

For me I'm just going to copy video from the camcorder to my preferred video editor program. Others are going to like that it is in the camcorder and fairly easy to use.

This is a good way to get a sense if this product is compatible with your recording style.

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