Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Corrected Look at iFrame and the Connection to Videos

This is a correction to my original post. I have made a mistake. I understand how I made it the error but I have no excuse. I don't want one.

I should have taken more time to verify my understanding of the Apple iFrame codec and not just look at the reference sources for the HTML code used to place an object inside of a web page.

HTML code and a video codec are not the same thing.

I honestly did not consider that Apple would appropriate the name of a HTML code for a codec name. Yet I should have questioned why a video codec was in a list for HTML codes examples.

Then again with all the talk about HTML 5 video ....

Naw. That won't cut it. I need to make this right.

Apple iFrame Video Codec:

From the Apple Web site about the Apple iFrame Codec:
iFrame is a computer-friendly video format designed by Apple to simhttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifplify the process of working with video recorded with your
Features of the Apple iFrame Codec:
  • H.264 mp4 video
  • Video dimensions are 960x540
  • Audio records in AAC
  • Smaller video file size
  • More compatible with iMovie and Apple friendly applications.
But wait, there is more. According to Camcorderinfo.com information page:
Videos recorded in the iFrame format have square pixels and a 16:9 image that is half the resolution of 1080p. The video is not HD, but iFrame does provide 1.5 times as many pixels as standard definition.
The Apple iFrame codec is compatible with the Apple iPad tablets. This is why your are seeing video web hosts providers making sure that the videos that are being shared can be viewed on as many devices as possible, including those that are owned by people that paid a grip of money for their tablets.

Reference Sources I Used to Verify Information About the Apple iFrame Video Codec:
HTML Code Called iFrame

iFrame is a HTML code used to tell a web page or a HTML compatible device where to display an item on a web page.

example of iFrame codeFor some of you that use embed codes to display videos on your blogs this is going to look familiar. The iFrame code is telling the browser the size of the video, where to find it, if there is a border around the object and the ability to show the object full screen.

Reference Sources I Used to Verify Information About the HTML iFrame Code:
So What Did I Learn Today?

Taking time to triple check information is never a waste of time. If I don't have time to verify the information is ok to skip a few hours or a day or two to make sure I have it right.


  1. Just a heads up. iFrame (Apple's video format) and < iframe > or < IFRAME > (html markup) are not related on any way.

    < IFRAME > and iFrame share just the name.. thanks to Apple's obsession with throwing an i in front of every product name.

    < IFRAME > works in a similar way than the old TABLES or even php INCLUDES when writing HTML code.

    iFrame is simply a name that Apple chose for their 1/4 full HD resolution video format (960x540px)

  2. Let me double check this immediately. I think I have been info-smacked.


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