Friday, June 3, 2011

An Apprciation - Grand Rapids LipDub

The haters will come along later. From me, nothing but praise. When a major publication like Newsweek declares that your city is toast you do have the right to respond.

This is that response from the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

I'm sitting here tearing up. I'm not from Grand Rapids. I do understand that there comes a point when you need to have your say. Open media production allowed for this to happen.

Now to be clear, this was an organized paid for response. There was cooperation from the city and a bunch of individuals, companies and foundations.

Yet the video speaks to me of being down but not allowing other people to count you out. This is the American way, not B.S. carping about who is a valid American.

This is about a community takes chance at self-expression.

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