Monday, June 27, 2011

A Love Affair of Sorts - Theatrical Flip Cam Movie

Over the next coming day or so you will see a lot of film critics write about how much they hate, dislike and totally trash the movie A Love Affair of Sorts. That is their job. You bring what you know to the table based on your education, experience and preferences.

If you put it up for public display then part of the risk you take is feedback, positive and negative. Much of that criticism is directed toward using The Flip camcorder to make a feature movie.

This is the trailer:

I love a good film. I have a long passionate relationship to many movies. Many movie critics have that same passion so I can understand why they do not like the aesthetics, performances or the video quality of the movie.

So yeah, this movie is like shark food to movie critics.

But there is a nasty undercurrent about how glad they are that The Flip is dead so that others will not be able to follow in the producer's footsteps. The snark level is high.

One day, a theatrical movie will be made with a consumer camcorder that will be fantastic. It will be made for under $2, 000. There is no question about it.

Now professional critics and to the bone movie lovers might not want those of us outside of the studio or independent studio system to make theatrical movies.

Yet there have always been "the outsiders." How many movies did Edward G. Woods make? We laugh and celebrate them now but he cranked them out didn't he?

Without the outsiders we couldn't have Mystery Science Theater 3000. I'm not picking the best examples of outsider movies, am I? Maybe that is the point.

We need new blood. The willingness to try. Some of the efforts might fail. We learn as we go. Some day a gem of a movie will come out of a PC or iPad. A new story will be told and there will be a cinematic shift.

I don't think I'd want to make a theatrical movie. I don't have the skill level or the desire. But I will absolutely support anyone who wants to do so via, smart phone, iPad or Creative Vado.

Because I've stop looking to Hollywood to make original movies. As much as I like comic books I don't really need to see them on the screen. How many sequels were produced this summer? What holds the current practitioners up as the gold standard? Explosions?

I'll take a chance on original content. I don't care on what device or technology it is being created on.

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