Friday, July 15, 2011

iPhone Video Penny De Los Santos by Diane Cu

Never let it be said that an ad can't fuel a huge discussion. Olympus Australia has a new add about the quality of mobile phone photos with an invitation to get a "real camera."

The implication being that if you are serious about photography you would step up to a quality piece of gear. For the record, if I got my hands on an Olympus Micro Four-Thirds camera I would be very happy indeed. That is a nice bit of kit with an HD video option. Love those pancake lens.

But the implied meaning is that only the lessor beings would have or use the stuff on our mobile devices is not a good meme to be spreading.

I'll repeat this statement until the beginning of the end times; is not the equipment it is the person and the skill level of the person behind the device.

Which leads me to share this video with you. Penny De Los Santos is a photographer. The video you are seeing was recorded on an iPhone. I don't know if it was editing on the device but there is software you can download to edit videos.

Diane Cu knocked it out of the park with the video by recording Penny and the environment. If I didn't know it was an iPhone video it still would be a great video.

And that is the point. More folks who have been locked out of making videos and documentaries now have the opportunity. I don't care how they do it so long as I can view the results and judge for myself the quality.

If that means doing it on a $40 camcorder then so be it. Yeah, I know the iPhone is more than $40 but some day some kid will make a terrific video and the production cost will be very low.

We will still marvel at the craft. Not the equipment.

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