Friday, July 1, 2011

Making A Decision on Getting A New Computer

I keep putting this off but it is time. Old faithful is telling me that our days together are numbered. I have a CPU widget on my desktop. It doesn't take much to lock it up into the red zone. Once that happens I can either find something else to do or enter a meditative state of being.

The reality is that upgrades to Firefox, IE9, iTunes and new versions of video editing programs are giving my poor baby fits of madness. I just dread the thought.

It isn't just the cost but the transfer of software, licenses and assorted thing-a-mobobs. I now also have to figure out what is a 2011 video editing computer.

What Do I Need Versus What I Want?

  • Power. Pure unadulterated power. I want stuff to happen in a half of a blink of an eye. I can just about afford a batting of the eye. This translates into I would like to have an i7 CPU but I can just about afford an i5.
  • I must have more RAM, I'm thinking at least 6GB minimum.
  • 2 or more Terabytes for the hard drive. I do have external drives so if I can get the CPU up to snuff then I can always install another internal drive later.
  • A separate video graphics card with memory on board would be nice but that is going to up the cost. This time it might be worth it.
  • Another thought is that I might consider getting a laptop that is used only for video editing.
For the record, I have to stick with the Windows operating system. I dallied for a moment about going Mac. The new Final Cut Pro X is a tasty bit of kit but the way the Pro/Am video circuit has been wailing about how bad it is put me off of it.

I don't know. If I got my hands on it I'd probably like it just fine but I'm not liking the whole cleave under me for everything Apple is proposing.

Still, it is all I can do to stay out of the Apple stores. I keep thinking that if I get an iTouch that will let me edit video on the fly that would solve my problems. No, it wouldn't. It would be the start of the iCash Register. I have to stay away from the Siren.

So yeah, I gotta do this and soon. Oh, one more thing, I am not opposed to getting a refurbished, overstock or new computer. My new gizmo will be the computer that meets my needs and budget.

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