Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Researching Buying A New Computer

My poor PC is grunting, cycling and otherwise showing signs that the end days are near. This is not a good thing when I have to crank out a bunch of work, both text and video.

I have a back-up laptop if things go bad quicker than I expect. I have been checking out possible new video editing PC specs.

The frugalista side of me is in conflict with the nerd/geek girl who wants what she wants. That would be a $2,900 Maingear's Vybe Super Stock.

Naw, babe, ain't gonna happen.

My budget is $1,000 and under. As much under as I can get it. This is what I have identified so far as my minimum PC specs:

Intel 2nd Generation Core i5 or higher or AMD Phenom II 4 or higher

RAM Memory:
6GB or higher

Hard Drive:
1 Terrabyte

Video Graphics Card:
Looking at separate video graphics card on the motherboard or the ability to install one later.

DVD or Blue-Ray Drive:
Not really an issue. If the new system comes with a Blue-Ray drive that would be nice but I'm not seeking it out or paying extra for it.

Operating System:
Windows 7. I need to decide between the 32 bit or 64 bit version. Some of my existing software will not run on a 64 bit machine. It is still functional software and I hate to kick it to the curb.

Then again, it might be time to do so.

Memory Card Reader:
Prefer that it is built-in and capable of accepting SXDC cards. However, I could buy an USB external reader.

My Current Buying Information Sources:

Consumer Reports.org – I have a subscription to the on-line version
CNet Desktop Reviews and Buying Guide
Videoguy's System Recommendations for Video Editing

The new computer has got to last me at least three years so I have to choose wisely. But I do like the look of the Vybe Super Stock.

Be still my heart.

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