Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Back to the Future with Gif.tv

This writing thing takes time away from interesting distractions. I learned about Gif.tv from Boing Boing yesterday. You young folk that have been blessed with cable/DSL all you lives will not understand.

Back in the day of 56k modems this was Internet video. Yes, we suffered.

The World of Gif.tvSome one would cobble together a string of images and animate them. Traditionally it was line drawings or really crappy 256 flat file graphics but later folks were experimenting with images.

The original gif files were small; they had to be to pass freely through the puny connections that we had.

I bring this up because the dang thing is hypnotic. Okay, the Ann Margaret one is just wrong but the two old guys that follow kinda make up for it.

You can learn about image composition and animation options but really it is just a mind wipe of good intentions.

And it gives me more time to write about editing software options.

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