Monday, August 8, 2011

Looking At Android Video Editing Applications

A lot of the ladies at BlogHer11 were toting Android tablets. Galaxy Tablets, HP models and everything in-between. I'm not anti-Apple, I'm anti-paying Apple prices for models that will be obsolete in a year or less.

My phone is more Java based than Android so there is no chance of me downloading Android apps on my phone. Heck, I can't even download a QR Reader on the sucker. I can live with it, I have unlimited text and data.

Still, those tablets looked most attractive, in the productivity sense of the word.

I have specific needs for a tablet. I need to be able to transfer, edit and possible upload video via the tablet to my video web host of my choice. So as I ramp up to speed I'm taking some time to look over the fence. I'm checking out the Android Market for Media and Video.

VidTrimProVidTrimPro has an ad supported free version and a paid version.

You can trim, rename and upload video to YouTube.

This software seems to be designed more for smartphone users and not tablet specific devices.

This seems to be more of a trimmer application than a full video editing app.

Next in the exploration is V-Cut Express. This seems to be another trimmer application with the ability to time into the precise area you want snipped. V-Cut Express

It seems that you can import video from other sources or use the recordings from the camcorder on the device.

I like that I can tweak the trim time but again this does seem like a phone specific application.

I need more than trimming. I might want to add a short title, a fade or caption.

Hope is fading but I have one more. This is called Clesh. This has possibilities in that it states that a person can do all the things I'd expect out of a video editing program such as titles, transitions and frame accurate video editing.

The hitch in the giddy-up is where that takes place. I could be misreading the description but the software acts as an interface to a cloud bases editing system.

I am not opposed to editing in the cloud but those of us on data rate restrictive plans might not be able to afford first uploading the video to the cloud, editing and then transferring the completed video to their desired web host.

Clesh has a corporate and a user show reel site. On the corporate site, there is product information about the software but not much else. The other page is a listing of user video; this certainly gives you an idea of what the product can do but I can't seem to embed the videos to share can be done with the software.

From what it looks like it is a 320x240 video experience. Yep. No can do.

I guess I'm gonna have to cool my jets about getting an Android tablet. I'm sure that there are other video editing applications. Based on these that I've look at I can't justify shelling out $400+ for the tablet and not have software that I can use.

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