Thursday, August 11, 2011

Quick Look at Samsung F50 Flash Memory Camcorder

Samsung F50 Flash Memory Camcorder is a standard definition camcorder. It is not a new camcorder but it is being discounted around the $130 price range.

It has good 52x optical zoom. With a tripod it could be a good outdoor event camcorder if you plan to only upload to the Internet.

Samsung F50 CamcorderYou should be aware that the higher the optical zoom the more you will need a tripod or actual stabilization to have a steady image in the camcorder. Just saying, be frugal but be sensible; you will need a tripod if you need to zoom into the action.

This is an example of a demonstration video using the zoom by Cherkin via YouTube. Now take another look at the photo of the camcorder. The microphone is right on top of the lens.

You have to figure that there will be some transference. In addition if you are outside and the wind blows it will blow across the top of the microphone.

The Specs:

Not a whole lot to speak of:

  • Small image sensor 1/6"
  • 52x Optical Zoom
  • Automatic focus, shutter and white balance
  • AAC audio
  • 1.9 megapixel still photo mode for reference photos but not quality photos
I had to download the manual to find out the video file format. It is H.264 mp4 but this is a standard definition camcorder. You can have 16:9 widescreen recording but it will not be what folks will expect for current HD television video image quality.

There maybe be interlacing issues, also known as that line banding in your video. You'd want to be able to deal with that if it is an issue.

Mac Users will have to check to see if this camcorder is compatible with their system. For iMovie 09 folks there is a dedicated camcorder compatibility page. Just because a camcorder isn't listed doesn't mean that it will not work. You might have to find a work around.

I'd say if you need a replacement for The Flip and the price is under $130 then I'd give this a look. The reason being there is a built-in video editing program inside the camcorder. You connect the camcorder to the computer and the video editing software with open for editing.

The software will only work for PC/Windows users. This is a Flash animation tutorial on that software to give you an idea of how it works.

Um. Yeah. Well, go with the concept. If you are looking for an inexpensive camcorder then this is an option. I have concerns about the microphone placement and other stuff but if the price was right I could work with it.

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