Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Basic Mobile Video Process

I want to make understanding certain concepts easier so this is an experiment. I know that having an understanding of the process can shorten the time to create videos and keep us from getting crazy or frustrated that creating video is not happening fast enough.

So this is an experiment on getting a grip on explaining a changing technology. Especially when things are changing month to month.

This is the most basic as it gets, direct upload from a mobile device.

There are now three devices and counting that are not camcorders that can record video. iPhones, Smartphones, and now Tablet PC/Personal Media Players/whatever they are being called this week.

Yeah, I know that iPhones can be thought of as a Smartphone or Tablet but it does belong in a category by itself.

What You Need
  • A device that has a recording camera
  • Storage space for the video on the device or able to use an external memory card
  • An unlimited cellular data plan or stable wireless connection 
  • An account with a video web host that has mobile video access and uploads.
What You Can Do

What Is the Cost?

Buying the device and paying for a data plan can cost a lot of money. Keep in mind that you are buying a multifunctional device and it will do other things much better than record video. I have a $150 mobile phone that records 320x240 video. It is not the greatest looking video in the world.

You'll have to shop around to find that sweet spot of phone quality, service, and recording capabilities.

Is it Worth It?

Yes! If it was not for mobile video users at an Oakland train station a lie told by transit police would have been accepted as the truth. An assault by a New York police officer on a bike rider would have been just another story of police abuse.

Not all of the reasons are that dramatic but my point is that for spontaneous news, events or personal narratives there is the ability to show that story. That ability is in the palm of your hands.

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