Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Five Things to Know About Lightworks NLE Software

A few months ago there was a bum rush to download Edit Share's Lightworks video editing software. The software seems to be coming out of Beta on November 11, 2011. The good news is that there will continue to be a free version available to anyone that wants to dive in and learn the software.

If you need more you get the opportunity to pay for a yearly subscription license to the software. Mac and Linux users don't bail just yet, there are versions for your operating system coming soon.

For those that want to take a look at the program before downloading check out the video below. Blessings go out to forum member ShaunTheSheep for this basic introduction to Lightworks NLE:

There has been some changes that folks need to know about before they get too deep into the program.

1. This Ain't Windows Movie Maker.

This is a professional non-linear editing software that is used by professional videographers and filmmakers in the UK and parts of Europe. You will need to understand or be willing to learn filmaking concepts like bins, frames, time code, and workflow.

If you don't understand or do not want to be bothered this is not the software for you. Not a lot of hand holding here. There is help in the forums but you are on your own unless you want to pay for it.

2. There Are Now Three Levels of Users, Now Called Members. 
  • Free members get access to the forums for support and limited codec support. If you have download the software you are automatically converted to a free membership. 
  • Folks who are in school/educational settings can get full support and access to all of the software's features for $30 per year. 
  • Professionals and those that aspire to be in the game need to pony up $60 year. That's right, if you want or need anything more that the basic core features of the program you need to fork up the loot.
3. Where is the Codec or My Video Format?

Yeah. I hate to break this to you but there are license fees for the use of certain codecs. The owners of those licenses either get it on the front end (you) or the back end (software vendors) or both.

The codec many consumers camcorder users encounter, AVCHD/H.264, is not currently included in the free version. It is concidered a professional codec.

So if you have an camcorder that records in AVCHD, AVCHD Lite, MTS, MT2 or any other permutation then you might have to convert the video to an acceptable format. Or pay for a higher level of membership

4. Limited Export Options

If you were planning on using the free version to burn DVD or Blue Ray then I regret to tell you, no, you can't. And there might be a few more export options you don't have. You will have to dive into the software manual or guides at the bottom of the Download page.

5. Limited Support for Free Members

Free members will have access to the forums and groups but not to live chats, company specific training videos or have a say in development and feature issues. If you really need support you are going to have to purchase a support contract.

It is not cheap. All I can tell you is to be very nice and respectful to people like Shaun.

I have been holding out on installing until I can get a new computer.I have a feeling that there is a need for speed and power and a honking good graphics card before I even install the software.

The adventure continues...
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