Monday, January 2, 2012

Laying Down Audio for The White Hut

I want to try new things in 2012. I want to do a form of essays/documentation where I connect a memory to my current life view. Sound a bit pompous to me but that is part of the joy of trying to be creative.

You can be pompous and then reality sets in and shows you what you intended to do and what you have created is a world apart. Then the humble phase kicks in.

I've had this idea for The White Hut a while and finally got a chance to put it together. I want the words to be important. I'm going for a prose piece kinda thing.



I had to write out a small script. Nothing complicated but I planned out what words would appear with an image. It seems like that should have been a no-brainer but it saved a lot of time.

I tried a number of programs but I came back to Audacity for control of the audio file. I first tried something simple with Microsoft PhotoStory. PhotoStory didn't want to play nice with my USB Snowflake microphone.

It would record but I had to cancel a dialog window that keep popping up about not working with the microphone. The audio was low and it wasn't worth the hassle.

Next tried to do in in Serif MoviePlus X5 - There was no problem in recording the audio but I lost time trying to line up the images before I recorded the audio. It occurred to me 50 minutes later that I should lay the audio down first.

Audacity allowed me to do as many practice takes as I wanted and I could see that I wasn't talking loud enough. What it couldn't do was get rid of me being hyper critical of my voice and delivery. That will take more time.

Once I placed the audio track in the timeline it was a lot easier to compose the video. I thought about adding music. One of the reasons I like old movies is that you can hear people talk. You don't need a musical accent for every movement or action in a video.

I didn't want the music to be more important than what I was saying. That isn't going to be true for other works in the project but for this one I just didn't want to spend time trying to find the right bit of music.

So, yeah. I got it done. And it does not look like what I wanted. In fact, it looks like a bunch of my other videos. I know the look I'm going for and this ain't it.

But it is a learning curve. I got no where to go but up.

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