Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Magisto Web Video Editing - It Does It For You

The list of cloud based video applications is growing. Magisto is a little different from the other cloud applications. For people that shoot video and truly do not like to edit but want to have a watchable video this might be you cup of tea.

Check out the video:

Yes, you upload and Magisto takes out the boring parts and allows you to upload to Facebook or YouTube.

I am conflicted about this - there are some really bad videos that need help but I do not feel good about  a software program can edit better than I can. 

From what I can see Magisto is free but there are things to know.

Upload Limit

There is a limit of 600MB or 16 videos per upload. High definition recording camcorder and mobile devices can crank out 1GB videos in a heartbeat. You would have to make an effort to stop and start the videos so that you could upload under the limit. If you are doing that that is a form of in camera editing. 

Then again, for tablet users this could be a very good thing.

Data Plan Usage

Another thing to consider for mobile users is your data plan. As I have said before, there is a bum rush by the carriers to reduce or eliminate unlimited plans.Uploading 600MB of video might cost you big time if you go over your allotted minutes.

Privacy Policy

There is no free lunch and just because Magisto is free to use doesn't mean there isn't a cost to you. Please read the privacy policy. There are items I am not comfortable with such as the amount of information I have to fork up to use the service, third party involvement and other squicky items.

I'm not saying this policy is good or bad, I appreciate the disclosures. I am not comfortable about giving out chunks of personal information for the use of a service.

I don't know. On the surface it could be an option for folks that want a simple way to edit video. I just don't like the idea of turning everything over to software. There is a human quality about editing.

I'm just not ready to give it up to an algorithm.

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