Monday, October 3, 2011

Filmic Pro - Get You Slate On

All the talk of the Kindle Fire tablet has diverted my attention from iPhone/iPad applications. This is a temporary condition because the new Apple gizmos will be released tomorrow.

The rumors of a low cost device is gaining ground. If that is true, then I need to look around for apps that I'd want to stock up on for my imaginary purchases. Filmic Pro would be one of them.

This is a video from Filmic Pro that shows you what you can do with the software on an iPhone or 4th generation iPod Touch:

I have this sudden sadness come over me. I can hear "The Love I Lost" in the background. I'm crying on Dr. Smith shoulder as we both moan, "The pain, the pain."

This rascal not only does the framing, aspect ratios, white balance, but it can also do a slate and has color bars and tone.

It cost $3.00. 

Aw this is madness. Because even if Apple does release a low cost iDevice it will not run this beauty of an application. Plus, you gotta factor in the cost of the device, the data plan, other apps that will seduce me, stabilizers and whatnot.

I'm looking at Android land and I've got....nothing to currently compare with this app.

I just I have to go meditate or something.  
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