Thursday, October 20, 2011

Inspired by Lev and a Look At Propaganda

One of the video series I admire is Tales of Mere Existence by Lev Yilmaz. I either read some where or saw one of his videos where he talks about his process. Lev writes down the narration first and then animates to the text. I've been wanting to try something new.

This is one of his videos called The Project:

I like that approach of crafting narration first. I wonder if that could be done for other types of video? I looked over at the audio podcasting fence and discovered a program called Propaganda.

Propaganda Audio Podcasting Software

The software is a self contained audio production studio for those of us that are not audio engineers. You can record audio, import sounds and effects, blend them together and export out to a mp3 or wav audio file.

I watched the software tutorial. It gave me ideas about laying down an audio track and then shooting to the audio.

It could work as a narrative guide to creating concept videos. At $49 the program is affordable. I took a look at other audio podcasting software, some seem technologically abandoned or have changed the focus to cloud services.

Man, I like this software. The frugal side is saying I could do this with Audacity. I could. Yep. No question. But I like this interface and how quickly I could line up the edits and crank out an audio track. When I get time,  I'll download the demo and give it a go.

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