Monday, October 10, 2011

Reminder About Photography and The Law

Folks are getting busy going here and recording a protest or two. Many a mobile phone user have their fingers on set to record. Those of us on the camcorder vibe are itching to help document peaceful protests and other events are charged up and ready to go.

I've written about Bert P. Kranges' The Photographer's Rights Guide before but it doesn't hurt to review it again. It is a free, pdf  guide to what your rights are as a photographer.

The main highlights are:
  • That you have the right to photograph (or record video) in a public place and on public land.
  • Private owners of land can restrict access to their property but if you are across the street on public land you can record.
  • Taking a photograph (or recording) is not an terrorist act.
However if you are in Indiana, Maryland or Boston be very careful. There have been criminalization laws put into place about recording police activities even during public protests and actions.

Know the city and state laws of your location.

Before you head out to document your protest of the moment you might want to spend some time reviewing a free guide.

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