Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Curating VloMo 2011 - What I've Learn So Far

I've learned a lot and my head hurts. This is a good thing. The VloMo 2011 Galley blog currently has 367 videos from participants from around the world. Here are some of the challenges of trying to keep up.

Time Zones. There are people in Australia, the UK, Bosnia and all across the U.S. and Canada. Day 14 for one person is going into Day 16 for somebody else.

I had to quickly accept that not all the Day 7 are going to be lined up perfectly. What I can do is tag the videos so that visitors who need to see the Day 7 videos can make that happen.

Let go. Seriously, let go of hoping folks label, tag, or hashtag their work. You can ask but don't depend on it. Let go of perfection, order, and any constriction that prevents folks from seeing the work.

Do Not Post without looking or listening to the videos. There are some creative and humorous folks uploading work. Don't assume that the title represents what the video is about. If it is a Benny Crime post watch the video.

Have multiple search techniques. Use Twitter search, YouTube Search, Vimeo Search and then go to individual blogs and web sites of folks.

Go with the flow. Some times there is nothing new to post. That is okay, there are 367 videos and counting.

The kids will be all right.

Gotta go.

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