Friday, November 4, 2011

Working With Video Post In Tumblr

I have been on Blogger for years but I chose to try out Tumblr for the Vlomo2011 video gallery. I wanted something that would allow me to post quickly and present the video in an appropriate format.

The templates at Tumblr seems to accommodate a video galley style format without clutter. I want to take you behind the curtain to show the video posting aspect of  the service.

This is the dashboard screen. Tumblr has a separate posting area for each type of blog post. The video posting module is separate from the text module. This is different from Blogger where I only have one place to create a text but I can add any element. However, I need to know how to add a photo or video.

Tumblr makes it a little easier.The advantage with Tumblr is that you have to make a decision on what you want to do and then the appropriate posting area will quickly help you create your post.

Embedding a Video

The Embed a Video Tab is used for adding a video from a web hosing service. You have choices but sometimes you might have to figure out the best choice to view the video.

Using the URL of the web video host works about 98% of the time. This means copying a URL like into the embed box will take care of placing a copy of the video in the viewing area.

This works for Vimeo,, and YouTube. It does not work on Flickr. (Yes, Flickr now has video posting.)

Web video folks that have came up old school and copy embed codes may find some videos will not post. It depends on the style of the embed code.

I've had problems with and some but not all Vimeo embed codes.  Some of the other video services have very long embed codes, Tumblr does not like excessively long embed codes.

If I copy the URL or embed copy direct from the video I viewed I run into problems. One of the things you definitely want to do is preview before you publish. If  the video does not appear or you see a blank blue screen you have got a problem.

I have found that if I copy directly from the web host URL I have no problems displaying the video in the post.

Caption Not Posting

I can add text to comment or explain a video but I don't have the full text editing features. That is not a good or bad thing but for high verbals it takes some restraint not to load up on text.

The video is the focus.


Everything else is fairly straight forward, you can set the date of the post, add keywords and upload the post within minutes. For project based videos or maybe an experimental series that does not fit your main blog I think Tumblr is a great idea.

If you are a videoblog newbie it does make it super simple to create and upload a post.

For those of us experienced and time challenged it has real advantages.

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