Friday, December 9, 2011

Thinking About the Future Around the Bend

I was watching a video from Blunty3000 on the recording capabilities of the Nintendo 3DS. I have to tell you that is a sentence I did not anticipate writing. That is the thing about the future; you don't know what is coming around the bend.

There are currently:
  • Webcams
  • Still cameras that record HD Video
  • Camcorders that record to memory storage or had drives. Still waiting for somebody to pop an SSD hard drive into one of them
  • Phones/Smartphones and things that aren't phones that can make phone calls and record video
  • Tablets that can record video on the Apple and Android operating systems. I don't know much about the Windows tablets yet
  • Portable games that have video options
  • Screen capture software
  • The thing I don't know about or forgetting.
Much of this has evolved in the last two years or so. I've been trying to stick with looking at camcorders and their related issues.

That isn't practical anymore.

The person with a smartphone needs to know their options on moving videos from their phone to the Internet.. There are more options than just buying an app. There are stabilization problems that tablet folks have that regular camcorder users don't.

It is an exciting time but I'm sure how to proceed.

One of the things is to think about what is the core concepts. No matter what you record on you still need to compose a good shot. Lighting is still important. Saving money but not cheapening out on crappy products is vital. How do you tell a story without busting your data usage amount?

So that is what is blocking up posts. I either scrap what I'm doing or I create a new framework that can accommodate the core concepts that work across any recording device.

There would be that pesky problem of defining the core concepts that carry over from analog recording that certainly have a place in digital recording.

I'm in peculation mode. December is good for this kind of thing.

I guess I'm thinking out loud.

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