Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Quick and Easy Storyboard or Planning Is Good

Diving deeper into what makes a good video. I have the point and shoot aspect of it down pat. Maybe too down pat. I don't want to make boring videos. But to make better ones takes planing.

One of the oldest and cost effective ways of making a good video is by using 3x5 cards.

Paper cards. The kind that come 100 to a pack. You will also need a ink or pencil writing instrument.
An acceptable substitute is a post it note type paper. I don't know what the generic name of it called so the trademark enforcement might be after me.

Why should you invest in 3x5 cards?
  1. They are portable.
  2. They do not depend on an electrical source.
  3. Allows for experimentation.
  4. They are cheap.
You don't have to be a creative artist. You can do this anytime and just about anywhere. 

You say you don't do anything that complex Good,then you can think of this as coverage protection. For example, say you know that you are going to record an event.  People getting up to speak or show a skill.

Before the event you could plan on taking video of the location, the seating, the equipment. You could have a planned shot list of "stuff."

You want that stuff. Why?

Because aiming a camera at a speaker for long periods of time can be boring. Or you have a boring speaker and you have to give your viewers a visual break.

You might need a transition from one person to another. Storyboarding can help you set up the structure of your video so that you can allow for something new and interesting to be inserted. 

It helps to ensure that you record what you want or need to have in the video.

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