Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Yes, We Still Need Camcorders

The number of recording devices has grown in the past couple of years. I truly think that is a good thing. I read a post at CNet by Rick Broida called Does It Make Sense To Buy A Camcorder? that makes me kinda nervous.

It is a good article and it brings up valid points; for most people they do not want or or perceive that they need a dedicated camcorder. That is true and I have accepted that most folks will never touch a dedicated camera or camcorder.

If you ask me, I think that many of them do need a camcorder and don’t know it.

Yes, you can whip out your Droid or iPhone at a sport event but the technology still does not have a decent optical zoom on mobile phones and tablets. levels. A dedicated camcorder can have that 30x zoom or greater for distance recording.

You can add all the filters you want but that can’t compensate for a lousy photo or video. 

The consumer camcorder allows a lot of people to experiment and get to know basic camcorder and editing skills. It also lets folks who wanted to be creative with video to try new concepts, ideas and storytelling paths.

I am not saying you can’t do that will mobile devices. I am saying on this day the functionality is limited.

This is an example of a pathfinder, Vi Hart. Vi is extending what we thought we could communicate with a camcorder.  I want more recording devices to be available to all who want the opportunity to expand what we know. 

And that is the point. It isn’t the device; it is what you do with it. But having the right tools can make it easier to get your message across. For some, a smartphone is all they need.

Me? I want a camcorder.

The remaining camera vendors are looking for the next gimmick. There are camcorders that are now allowing for uploads via Wi-Fi memory cards. I’ve even seen the prototype of an Android camera. Not ready to use a dedicated camera as a tablet but you never know.

I believe if you find the right device that works for your needs then it will make it that much easier to create and share your work. So quit messing around and get to it.

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  1. This is kind of fun, but to tell the truth, i eventually got lost in the video,

  2. Yes, she goes deep and wide in the math but I am so glad she is representing for the math lovers and those that are curious.


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