Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Documentary - Good Copy Bad Copy 2007

The year, 2007. All kinds of debates about what is legal, what can you use, re-use or mix into a new work of art.

Good Copy Bad Copy is a documentary about copyright, the constrictions that modern copyright has on creativity and the rights of creators to be fairly compensated for their work. Make time to snuggle up and have popcorn ready; this movie goes a while.

It has been five years from the creation of this video. Many folks are starting to move away from using copyrighted content but there is a valid place to use copyright content.

There is the right way and the wrong way. How you go forward is up to you.

Resources to Check Out:

Code of Best Practices - Fair Use for Online Video from the Center for Social Media

Copyright Term and the Public Domain in the United States - From Cornell University, this is a chart you can use to determine if a work has entered the Public Domain. It is a starter guide, it will not have all the answers. Also note that there is much mischief in the sound recording section. Those suckers are locked down to 2047 and beyond.

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