Monday, April 16, 2012

A Few Thoughts About YouTube's Content ID

In the every volatile war between content owners and user distribution there is another weapon at YouTube.  Content ID is an automated tagging system that will compare video or audio sources uploaded.

If there is appropriated content on a channel the copyright owner will have choices such as slapping an ad on it, collect the stats of people watching or demand that it be taken down.  You should read the post for the full details.

Not sure how this is gonna play out in real time. You do have to do specific things to use Content ID but I don't seen a method for preventing others from still preemptively stealing your work .

Also, what about public events there will be multiple people recording the same thing. All of those people have their own view of the event but there will be overlap. If a person registers their copy will all the other ones get tagged as a rip off version?

Now here is where it will get interesting. Say your see a news story on commercial tv that you want to comment on or share with a friend outside of the broadcast market. You screencast a copy, use 5% of the video then add your commentary. That is allowed under Fair Use.

Under Content ID what would happen?

There are also public domain issues. There are television problems that by accident or intent have fallen into the public domain. If someone uploads one of those shows and fills out the info does that prevent another person from doing so?

The more I think of this the more questions I have. I guess I'm worried about how it will be exploited by the profiteers and what recourse will legit folks will have to share content.

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