Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Look At Copyright Video from YouTube

There are strong feelings about copyright and fair use. I appreciate the problems we face in trying to record our world and share what we want others to know about.

I've been on both sides of the issue. I've had my content appropriated for commercial purposes. This was way back in the day but basically a site in Spain picked up my RSS feed and wrapped my video with ads around it. Even though I had stated on a title card in the video that my work was created for non-commercial use.

I've also wanted to share and have shared clips from television shows, commercials, and cultural artifacts that I have found on YouTube.

If I share a clip of actor James Mason in a commercial selling Thunderbird from the early 1960s am I really harming the brand of said wine maker? Or appropriating the works of the advertising agency? How about Mr. Mason's reputation?

(Damn fine actor by the way. Don't judge him on the commercial; we all need a little side money from time to time.)

There needs to be some latitude that makes re-purposing content easier and fair for both sides.

I say this to let you know that YouTube is stepping up their copyright education efforts. This is a video created by them to educate folks about what you now can and can't do on YouTube.

I have a disagreement about a portion of the video. If a band is performing in public, say at a city event, and you want to record and upload the video I see no problem with recording if there is no clearly stated prohibition. In fact,  many up and coming bands encourage that kind of user generated video creation.

That is much different than paying cash money to go into a performance knowing there are signs on the wall and on your ticket that specifically state you can't record.  Not the same things at all.

The video doesn't make that distinction clear. Also the way they handled Fair Use was not that helpful. It is a tough concept to explain. The video didn't explain it; it was stated as quickly as possible.

Judging from the responses to the video not a lot of folks seem to agree with the video but that is okay. Take a look at it, do your own research and do the best you can.

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