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Checking Out EzVid Movie Editing Software - Part 2

For a free photo to video assembly software EZVid isn't necessarily bad. Notice I said assembly. I'll get to that in a moment. EZVid is a free to download and use photo and video editing software.

Installation was okay but when I tried to open the program it kept telling me that it was already open. I pressed Alt+Tab to check my sanity. It wasn't.

I walked away and came back and there it was. This is an example of the main screen after I have selected some photos:

I don't want to say it is advertising supported but in the lower left corner of my screen I do see a logo of a company.  I've cut it out of the screenshot but when I clicked the logo the software will take you to another vendor's web site.

Inflatable hoodie jacket that can be pumped up as a pillow? If the vendor lines the jacket with Kevlar I might be interested.

I digress. I'm back.

It is fairly simple. Adding photos was easy, you just click the movie/video icon on the right, navigate to the folder that has your content and select the photos.

Adding videos is the same process. However, for those of us that record in high definition you want to be aware that the program will convert your videos, especially if they are in the MTS format. Depending on the length of the video this could take some time.

You can snip your video or shorten it by moving the handles at the beginning and ending of the video file. You also have a keyboard short cut.  You can change the order of the photos, videos and title cards.

Hence, assembly not editing.

There are no effects, fades, cross fades or dissolves. There is no real editing but for a simple program this might be all that you need.

You fill in the title field and description of your video. Then you can select the music from the list.

There is new-ish kind of music, stuff for the sad times, happy times and life in between. You have to have music. You can't select "None"

If you add voice narration inside of the program you can turn the music down so that it is under your voice. But you can't eliminated it or chose your own.

Video File Format Problems

All the video imported were converted by the application. There was a black and white placeholder for a few moments. Eventually a color copy appeared in the timeline.


A video shot with a JVC camcorder that records in ACVHD lite had a lot of blocks and breakup in the image. The video would stop and start and never played smoothly.


A 45 second video that took about two minutes to convert. The appearance was fine, I believed I recorded it with the Samsung HMX W200 at 720p H.264.
I tried an MP4/MOV video, the conversion was quicker. There was audio on the video. The music completely masked the voice of the speaker.  You can't turn the music down or off.


I used an 114MB WMV video. If the video exceeds 10 minutes you will see an alert that informs you that it will crop the video.  I clicked okay and the video did appear. It looked grainy but that could have been that I used an old WMV that had already been compressed.

Audio Issues

I understand completely about not allowing users to select their own music. If this doesn't work for you don't use the software.

I disagree completely about not allowing users to select their own music or allow a voice track in the video not to be heard. Especially in the video I used where the speaker is relaying a story about an experience.

One Way Export

The application saves the project automatically. You cannot save a video to a file. You can't save it to DVD. You can't save the video at all.

The video has to be exported to a user generated site, like, I don't know, maybe YouTube? Yes, YouTube. I think they are working on getting Vimeo but they don't have it yet.

You have to use their upload window to access your YouTube account. That was the point where I drew my line in the sand.

Paragraph one, no problem, I try to the best of my being not upload other people's content. There are legal exceptions.

Paragraph two, ditto.

Paragraph three. I confirm that it is free software. There have been no nag screens to buy a pro version or flashing link bait ads.

If I had a choice I would not use the music. There is no choice. For my test video I selected a snappy tune that fit the photos.

What do they mean "if" the music is claimed by NATOArts. It will be. And if I survive the process of being told by YouTube that I am using copyrighted content; which I had not choice in the first place, then if an ad appears on the video and generates money I don't get any.

Not even 50% because all of the photos and videos are mine? And EZvid can and probably will overlay videos on their users who generated content with their software. Which is probably why they use Google Analyitics.

No thanks.


Clarity. All questions are answered in time.

For a photo to video application it works as stated. You can see a test export in the playback window and for photos it looks very good. I think there are other software that does it better. You need to pay for that software.

For video, it seems to depend on the file format and how it renders the conversion. Sometimes, not to good.  That should be cleared up in future generations of the program. Seems to me it likes mp4 video the best.

One of the reasons I wanted to pay attention to this software was because they were talking about porting it to Android and possibly Android tablets. Yet, the music issue would be the reason I would not use the program.

If I can't select my own music and take the responsibility for my actions then what is the world coming to?

Again, I don't want to bash this application or the vendors too hard. EZVid was honest and clearly stated what going to happen if I clicked the I agree button.  I read the Terms of Service. Didn't care for some of them.

My path is in another direction. I'm not the intended user. I want more control over my videos. If you are or would like to be a user of the software, if it works for you that is great. Just understand what you are signing on to when you use the application.

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  1. Hi Gena, excellent, well written article! You answered some questions I had (without having to waste time downloading the software) Thanks. I'm looking for "ad free" software I can use to make a couple of training style vids. Simple, short, with voice over, No music No ads. Guess I'll have to shop around some more. Thanks, Shay

    1. My pleasure but there are affordable and viable options. One of which is SnagIt from TechSmith screen recording feature.That one is $40 but worth it for short videos. Another option is the Chrome Screencasting app that you can use in your browser.


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