Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ken Burns On Story from Redglass Pictures

Without a doubt, Ken Burns is one of my invisible video producer mentors. I fell in love with photography as a teen and when I saw his production about the Civil War as a young adult it validated what could be done with images and narrative.

It isn't about the tech or the device it is the markers we leave behind to tell folks that come after us, "Hey wait, it wasn't all like that. Let me tell you this my part of the story."

This is Mr. Burns talking about what he does. It is also an opportunity for some reverse engineering on how did the producers make the archival 2D photos appear 3 dimensional?  

This is a video from Redglass Pictures. The production company works on short form documentaries, commercial advertisements and I guess you could call them site studies or invoking a moment.

Check out the video Sub City in New York. No focusing on the hand or five shot rule but seeing the place as it is in their experiences. 

I'm still afraid of going down into a New York city subway but this a story about the possibilities if I do.

So much to do, not enough time.

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