Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Waves of Change and Michael Wolff Video

I have been writing a lot about storytelling and narrative lately because another wave of change is about to embed itself into web video and media. There is a focus from web distributors and traditional content providers to change the landscape from amateur to professional content production.

This means to me a constriction of voices.  It also mean that good talent and alternative content will be harder to find.

This video from Intel on Michael Wolff isn't exactly alternative content. It is a form of a mini-doc. It is a form of presenting people of interest to a certain community.  I share it with you because it is good. It does the job of creating a world we peep into.

We have seen docs like this before. I like it. Shot beautifully. Yep.  No question. But as the old content media moves in they will reflect what they have done before. They will not innovate. They will not seek out new thoughts or ideas on presentation.

Or they will fight like hell to tap down those that do. History will back me up on this. My example? The career of Orson Wells.

Content corporate media will play it safe. They will churn out gunk on the web. I don't want to see gunk. I left traditional television because it insulted my intelligence. I will not watch gunk on a tablet, media player or smartphone.

Are we ready for that?

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