Saturday, June 23, 2012

Placing A Copyright Notice In Your Video Part 3

Okay, you tried inserting the copyright symbol using the keystroke method and it it didn’t do it for you.  You have imaging options.  You can locate a public domain image of the copyright symbol.  Public domain does not mean snatching the first copyright symbol image you find in a search engine.

The symbol is not copyrighted but a specific design expression of it might be. So if you find one with hearts shooting out of it don’t use it.

I highly suggest a visit to WikiMedia Commons page of Copyright symbols. You can find Copyleft and other usage symbols. Once you have selected the version of the symbol that you want you will go to the download page.

WikiMedia Commons Page of Copyright Symbols

Make sure you download the PNG version, not the SVG image. You can generally import PNG images but not many video editing programs accept the SVG image format. If you can’t import the PNG you will have to convert it into a jpg/jpeg image.

I hear folks grumbling. Hey, I can’t add my name to that! Wait, it is white and my closing titles background is purple! Yo, it is too big!

I didn't say it was the best option, just an option.

I have one more work around that would allow you to customize. It does not involve Photoshop, Corel Draw or The GIMP.

Presentation Graphics to Generate A Title Slide

If you haven’t used presentation software before now is not the time to start. If you have experience, and you don’t need much, word processing experience will do, then you can do this in about ten minutes.

The basic concept is:
  1. Create a title or text slide
  2. Use Alt Key + 0169 to generate the copyright symbol
  3. Customized by changing the font, size, background or color
  4. Add any other text that you want on your copyright screen in your video
  5. Save as a JPG or PNG image file
  6. Import the copyright title slide into your video editing program

Google Docs/Drive

In the presentation mode I was not able to find a way to insert a symbol from the menu. I could use the keystroke method.

Create copyright symbol using Google Docs/Drive

PowerPoint 2003 and Higher

You can go to the Insert Menu and select Symbol. This will open the Character Map and bada bing, you now have a the symbol that you can customize and add additional text.

PowerPoint Insert Symbol Screen

It works the same way in Open Office 3.2 Presentation, I have a Netbook running Ubuntu. Keynote folks, I'm thinking you have something similar but I can't verify it because I don't have a Mac.

Placing a copyright notice tells folks, this is mine, I created it and you need to ask permission for usage.

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