Sunday, July 15, 2012

Missing Miranda Film - Kickstarter Campaign

We often talk about how Hollyweird never expands their views about women in film. I say we do more than just talk about it. In the Kickstarter pipeline is a film called Missing Miranda, directed by one of my blogging friends, Liz Rizzo.

This is a video from the writer and the director of the project. At this time they are 11% funded. Not lot a lot of time to reach their goal of $65,000.

This is a scene from the movie:

$1 will get them closer to the goal of making a 21st century woman generated film.

No robots. No slicing or dicing of limbs.

Yes, there will be men in it.

No zombies. No vampires and no off world predators. In full color with no gray shading anything.

A film with a plot and a story line. That should be worth a fiver at least. If you would like more info visit the film's Facebook page.

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  1. What a great writeup, Gena. Thank you so much!




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