Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Quick Look At Dropbox For Video

Cloud storage is a way to solve an on-going problem. Many people want to share videos privately without uploading to a video web host. A few days ago I was looking at Microsoft's Sky Drive for video storage and transfers.

This time it is a quick look at Dropbox. This is a service that you can access using a desktop client or by a mobile device. It works on just about all of the operating systems and on the iOS and Android mobile platforms.

This is a video from CNet's Sharon Vaknin on what you can do with Dropbox with tips on what you can do with the service.

Ok, short and sweet, Dropbox gives you 2GB of free storage with an option to purchase more. One of the advantages is that you can share items in your public Dropbox folder with only those people that you want to allow access.

You need to think about your potential usage of the service. If you upload and remove videos infrequently then 2GB should be fine.

However, video files can be huge. You can max out your storage options very quickly. If you know that you want to upload three or more HD videos then you will have to consider a purchase plan to up your storage options.

If you are uploading via your mobile or tablet device then you need to add up the potential hit to your data plan. Unlimited doesn't mean what it use to. There are some phone and cable companies that are capping users data transfers if the companies feel that you are being an excessive user.

Mobile providers and cell phone ISPs think that everyone is an excessive user. In other words, check your terms of service before you upload your daily video explorations of life.

This is just another option to consider. There are other storage services that might fit your needs. But for the right person, Dropbox could be a good cloud storage option.

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