Thursday, July 26, 2012

YouTube Creators Space to Open in London

The nature of web video has just changed again. The need for quality content from producers is growing in importance. YouTube has been conducting classes and seminars for content producers here in America but has now opened a production and training studio in London. The UK one.

Take a look:

The proper name is the YouTube Creator's Space located in the Soho section of London. According to the YT Creator Blog, there will be DSLRs, movie cameras and a bunch of other stuff that folks can use for their video productions.

I hope that includes a whole heaping dose of 24 hour security.

I was trying to explain to a good friend. This isn't just about cat videos. It isn't just about folks goofing around in front of a camera. A new type of content distribution network is being developed. for those that are ready. It is Boom Tube time.

I know a few London peeps and video folks are gonna check this out. I'll let you know and will report back to home base.

In the meantime, if you want to tighten up on your vlogging stroke and you are not near London you can always check out the YT Creators Playbook.

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