Monday, August 27, 2012

Glossary - Interstitials Videos

YouTube now has a feature where you can add an interstitial video to your playlist. When viewers come to check out your channel or when they move from one video to another they can see a promotional video that introduces, explains or brings viewers into your world.

You can get more info at the YouTube Creators blog post about it.  Interstitial videos are hard to pin down but there is a larger meaning, and opportunity, than the way it is used on YouTube.

An Interstitial video can be a video that supports a main or primary video. It can be for promotion. it can be to transition your viewers from one place, the real world to another.

Interstitial do not have to be connected to your main video. In cable television, they act as a filler between programs of unequal length. Or to add bonus content that doesn't fit in the main program.  I am being American centric, sorry to the international folks.

Not to worry. University of Nottingham's Words of the World has a good BBC/UK centric definition of Interstitial video.

Let me give you some American examples:

Masterpiece Theater - The host provides the context of what you are about to see in the program. The front part introduces the environment that the program is set and the back interstitial talks about the historical facts about the fictional program you just viewed.

The Making Of videos that appear before a classic/popular movie. These are often promotional pieces created by the original studio that can be plugged into a feature presentation.

Turner Classic Movie bumpers that look at a specific Hollywood star and why that performer is important.

On Transit TV (before they had a serious financial dip) use to air animation shorts and experimental video clips in between programs. They have now switched to airing video podcasts. They love Jace Hall.

So the opportunity here is to think about what you want your viewers to see when they click on a playlist in your channel. Or if you don't do channels that way what about bonus stand alone content that will lead folks to want to check you out.

You do videos on beekeeping and you want to do a short stand alone piece about smokers. That can be a topic for an interstitial.

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