Sunday, August 19, 2012

Upgrading My System and It Is Gonna Cost Me

Might be down for another day or so. Pookie is telling me the line in the sand has been crossed. Deal with me or lose me but make a decision. There have been more computer lock ups.

There have been frozen screens as I tried to edit video. Sony Vegas MovieStudio HD is not having a good time. Can't even dare to install Corel VideoStudio X5 Ultimate. My browsers are in revolt and spaz out at any opportunity.

Adding to the pain, I just missed out on buying an i7 computer for $700.

I can stand no more. I'm saving up for a premium computer but it will take a while to afford a custom built system.

Yes, I save before I buy. Better to have and not need than to pay on credit and not have the funds to back it up. Frugalista 101.

In the meantime, I am gonna replace the power supply, hard drive and maybe the graphics card.

Pookie in Better Days
The truth is Pookie needs intensive care. Has a piddling 250w power supply. I didn't know that. Or forgot. It was ok years ago but suffering succotash that can't work with newer drives and devices.

Also Pookie has an internal graphics that shares resources with the system. I have the slot to add a graphics card. The thing is all of the quality ones have precise power supply requirements.  250 watts ain't one of them. And so long as I am mucking about on the inside might as well get a new hard drive.

Baseline costs are about $250 - $500.

Before taxes. Sigh. I need to be strong. I can do this.

It is time. If all goes well I could be back by late afternoon.

If Let's think positive.

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