Friday, August 24, 2012

Video Workflow From dpBestflow

I had a conversation with a friend yesterday who asked about video in still cameras. This is a person that a few years ago refused to have anything to do with digital cameras. He was an analog man and proud of it.

Time marches on and, if you are smart, you have to adapt and change. Or have a dang good reason for staying put. There are a lot of people recording video these days.

Most folks hit record and upload. I respect that. There are other folks that understand they need to chip away the crud so that the good stuff can be seen.

I've written about the planning process before but I want to point folks over to the Video Planning Overview page at the American Society of Media Photographers dpBestflow web site. It is written by Richard Harrington, who knows a boat load of stuff about digital still and video production.

Rich is a professional and is going to give you the solid on what you need to do to make it happen on a regular basis. Some of what he is writing about is not going to apply to casual users. But if you would like a little dusting (introduction) of the professional process check it out.

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