Sunday, September 30, 2012

Some Buy Shoes, I Buy Electronics

I've been quiet because half of my stuff is in the old pokey and new stuff is on the spiffy new computer I bought this weekend. Spent most of my day yanking out the bloatware and crap. Sixty two programs installed and I don't even know what half of them do.

I can say the most challenging part of installation is looking for all of the software keys and codes of the software I did actually paid for and used.

After all of the gnashing and research I got another HP with 8GB RAM and 1.2TB hard drive for just under $700. I bought a second terabyte drive a few weeks ago. I can juice it up later and it will bring me just one generation behind from Windows 8 OS.

I got tied of the lock-ups, freezes. I was not going to find the system that I wanted at the price point I could pay. I can afford this for right now and keep an eye out for my heart's desire.

This is a non-informative video about the computer. Why would a company make a video non-informative?

I don't know.

Like I said, comes with a 1.5TB drive. I'll add a second TB just for video work and storage. The external drives will rotate as a back-up system. I'm on Windows 7 OS so I will find out what software will or won't run very soon.

I also bought an external drive enclosure. Instead of hooking up cables and installing drivers I can remove the existing hard drive, plunk it in a case, hook it up and drag and drop files.

In theory. Yep. That's my plan. I got a lot of ideas I hope will come a running now that I've removed a bottleneck of productivity.

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