Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Chip Dizard's Video Compression Lesson on Udemy

Amani Channel and Chip Dizard helm Web Video Chefs. They create tutorials for Mac users and basic video 101 skills. Seems like they are branching out and posting lessons on Udemy.

 There is a free lesson posted by Chip on video compression.

What is Udemy? Well it is one of many sites that want to allow people to take classes or lessons in a topic that you want to know more about a topic. There is a mixture of free and paid for classes.

With Udemy,  you do have to register in order to access the course but after that you can check out what they have to offer you..

Both men are working professionals,  Amani in broadcast journalism and Chip in educational media and religious broadcasting. They know their stuff.

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  1. Thanks for your blog and link. I have posted my latest tutorial on Udemy it's called Learn Final Cut Pro X in 6 easy steps.

    Use this link as the coupon code and it's only $6.


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