Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Japan and Copyright Math with Rob Reid via TED

Japan has just put into law the most restrictive law concerning copyright and downloading from the Internet. Two years in prison and a $25,000+ fine. Uploading is even worse and it might be a Japanese ISPs are also getting the squeeze or shakedown.

Now it has been said that some of the lawyers and known agents of myopic copyright thinking were buzzing into the Japanese legislators air space. They told of the number of monies lost and the people who would not be employed.

The lobbyists and attorneys got to talking. Money and contributions changed hands. And this is how you get a draconian law that goes way beyond what is necessary.

What could constituent downloading? Watching certain YouTube videos? The act of even watching YouTube? If a copyright holder objects and they trace it back to the Japanese viewer well...

Anyway, if you think this has nothing to do with you I invite you to watch this humorous video from Rob Reid.  The video pokes a hole in the allege monetary suffering the poor old RIAA and MPAA have kinda, sorta experienced from all of this free expression, recycled viewing of old media  and re-use of content.

For the record, I do support right livelihood and the right to protect your property. That is a given. Using amped up laws that will result in some granny going to prison because their grandchild watched a Gangam video on their computer or tablet? It is gonna be ugly.

Y'all need to think about the long distance implications.

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